Axcite modules

June 2021 release plan

What's new in Axcite's modules?

June 2021

This June 2021 release plan introduces new notable features to some of the Axcite modules and contains minor quality and performance updates.

Prerelase features and quality updates may be modified before release.


This release is built on Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 10.0.15 and tested on 10.0.17. 

Released: 29 June 2021

New features

This June 2021 release introduces new and exciting functionality to selected Axcite modules.


Axcite Sales

Periodic ATP calculations will now set new confirmed ship dates automatically

A new functionality has been added to Axcite Sales. Prior to this update the new ship date was required to be accepted manually before the confirmed ship date on the sales order lines was updated. This has now been automated. The new calculated ship date will now be updated on the sales order lines as the confirmed ship date automatically and instantly.

The new calculated ship date was presented in Axcite Sales in the field “New calculated date”. This field has now been removed. A new field called “Previous confirmed ship date” has been added. This field reflects the previous confirmed ship date, if the confirmed ship date has been changed through the periodically ATP calculation.

It is still possible to follow up on changed confirmed ship dates on sales order lines, making it easy for the sales department to inform and communicate potential changed delivery dates to the customer.

This change should be communicated to the Power BI, as the Power BI is currently using the “Calculated new date” field.

Please contact the Power BI responsible at Bredana Axcite when installing this feature.

ID: 14915

Axcite Foundation

Use the PowerApp to collect image documentation for return- and quality orders 

We have added a new functionality in Axcite Foundation, which provides the user with an easy tool to create image documentation. This enables the user to bring forth this information to suppliers and customers easily. 

The PowerApp allows for the user to add image documentation directly from the smartphone camera to the relevant orderline i Dynamics 365 SCM.  

ID: 20212

Axcite Warehouse Management

New overview of all loads lines across loads

A new overview of all load lines across different loads has been added to Axcite Warehouse Management.

This provides the user with a fast and clear overview, enabling easier troubleshooting and editing. 

This new function allows the user to check and edit load lines instantly in the new form. It enables the user to detect and handle lines with release issues as well.

ID: 13258


Any actions required?

Please attend to the Release Update Guide sent to you in an e-mail, to see if any actions is required when updating to this version. 

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