Axcite modules

March 2021 release plan

What's new in Axcite's modules?

March 2021

This March 2021 release plan introduces new notable features to some of the Axcite modules and contains minor quality and performance updates.

Prerelase features and quality updates may be modified before release.


This release is built on Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 10.0.14 and tested on 10.0.16.

Released: 30 March 2021

New features

This March 2021 release introduces new and exciting functionality to selected Axcite modules.


Axcite Business Intelligence

#1 Fixed assets transaction entity

We have added the possibility to export data to the new fixed asset datamodel in Azure Analysis service. 

The new fixed asset entity makes it possible to export data to the new fixed asset datamodel. Data is now available for creating deep Power BI insights for fixed assets and creating the fixed asset statement required for the annual report. 

ID: 19951

#2 New entity for allocated sales forecast

We have added a new entity for exporting sales forecast lines that originates from yearly forecast.

The standard entity for sales forecast only makes it possible to export sales forecasts that had been entered on a monthly basis, limiting the possibility to put in a yearly forecast and have the system allocating it based on a predefined allocation key.

The new entity makes it possible to export the yearly budget split into month to the data warehouse. These can be included in the sales statistics data model in Azure Analysis services, making it easier to create forecasts in D365 and use the forecast for comparising against actual revenue. 

ID: 19994

Axcite Procurement

#1 Overseas purchase order funcionallity

With this feature it it now possible to receive purchase order lines to another warehouse, and automatically create a transfer order. It enables the user to receive the purchase order when the responsibility of the order is tranfered from the vendor to the purchasing company.

The goods are received to a predefined warehouse, and the transfer order is automatically created, which moves the goods to the correct warehouse on the same date as the purchase order line.

ID: 18287

#2 Axcite Demand Forecast - Change Item Allocation Key & Lifecycle State

A new functionality has been added, making it possible to change 'Life Cycle State' and 'Item Allocation key' directly from Axcite Demand Forecasting Overview.

This saves the user several manual steps, providing a faster and smoother experience. 

ID: 18526

#3 Axcite Demand Forecast - Includes statistical data

The Axcite Demand Forecast now includes the XYZ, FMSN and item statistics "Axcite Demand Forecasting Overview".

This provides the user with a better overview of product segmentations. 

ID: 18527

#4 Axcite Demand Forecast - Configuration, size, color and style

Axcite demand forecasting now supports configuration, size, color and style.

This means that the product can be seperated based on the chosen variant, providing a clearer overview between different configurations of the same product when forecasting sales. 

ID: 19795

Any actions requried?

Please attend to the Release Update Guide sent to you in a e-mail to see if any actions is required when updating to this version. 

Quality updates

Axcite Procurement

Axcite demand forecasting now includes the total number of customers, including the original intercompany in "customers last year".

ID: 19800

Axcite Transportation Management

The lookup value is now shown correctly, based only on the possible combinations of shipment- and container type.

ID: 20095

Axcite Foundation

A post database refresh framework has been created to support the creation of data mask and data wash scripts, which are set to be executed upon database refresh from a production environment.

ID: 19989

Axcite Invoice Workflow

Manually created posting lines with zero in amount will no longer be saved.

ID: 19829

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