Axcite modules

January 2021 release plan

What's new in Axcite's modules?

January 2021

This January 2021 release plan introduces new notable features to some of the Axcite modules and contains minor quality and performance updates. 


This is release is built on Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 10.0.12 and tested on 10.0.15.

Released:  25 January 2021

New features

This January 2021 release introduces new and exciting functionality to selected Axcite modules.


Axcite Invoice Workflow

#1 New functionality to send out user defined push notifications

We have added a new functionality in Axcite Invoice Workflow making it possible to send out push notifciation on mobile devices.

The functionality can be used to send out push notifications to all registrered approvers or only the approvers with invoices pending approval, e.g. with the text "Please approve all invoices by the end of the day" or " From next week it is mandatory to add posting proposal before approving the invoice".

The push notification-functionlity makes it easiser for the accounting department to nofity and communicate to alle registrered approvers. 

ID: 19400

#2 New parameter added - invoice register currency

A new parameter has the added to Axcite Invoice Workflow making it possible to overwrite the suppliers default currency code. This makes it possible to post invoices in different currencies on the same account without having to manually change the currency from the default currency to the currency of the invoice after importing into the invoice register journal.  

ID: 19435

Axcite Transportation Management

#1 Customer freight agreement integrated in intercompany chains

It is now possible to use customer freight agreement through an intercompany chain - meaning setup on end customer. If the consignor shipment is made from a direct delivery intercompany sales order in the logistical company, it will check if the original customer in the selling company has its own freight agreement for the given carrier. If so, the customer will be invoiced for the freight through its own agreement. This eliminates any manually handling of customer paid freight on each individual shipment. 

ID: 19415

Axcite Product Management

#1 New ABC classification 

A new functionality has been added to Axcite Product Management that expand the standard ABC classification of items to include a ABC model for Issues. This new functionality will classify items based on the cost value of financially updated inventory issue transactions, which ultimately will give a more balanced overview of valuable each inventory item is.

ID: 16578

Any actions requried?

Please attend to the Release Update Guide sent to you in a e-mail to see if any actions is required when updating to this version. 

Quality updates

Axcite Procurement

The import functionlity has been optimized

ID: 19733

Axcite Product Management

Optimization of data model

ID: 19433

Axcite Transportation Management

Gross weight in Consignor dialogue in packing slip posting, is now shown in the absolute value. The value will no longer be negative on the return order. 

ID: 19750

Axcite EDI

Enable selection of document types in the export to EDI periodic job. 

ID: 18144

Tile and list for sales orders with EDI origin and document status = "none" added to EDI workspace.

ID: 18080

Enable parameter setting for creating sales order lines with dummy item id.

ID: 16879

The current BEDI integration role will be replaced by two new roles: The role Axcite Supply Chain EDI administrator will provide full acces to the complete EDI functionality. The role Axcite Supply Chain EDI user will provide full acces to the complete EDI functionality, except modifing and deleting lines in staging tables.

ID: 18143

Axcite Invoice Workflow

Approver on Pre-ledger postings will be updated whenever approver on the invoice registration line is changed. 

ID: 19426

When Partial approval is No in invoice register, it is no longer possible to activate the Partial approval button. 

ID: 19432

New project posting functionality is added to Posting proposal on Invoice approval. If Account type: Project is selected, fields Project activity and Resource are added along with Project category.

ID: 19362

Axcite Business Intelligence

An extra key has been added to prevent duplicate data in case of reuse of invoice numbner on two invoices with the same invoice date and supplier.

ID: 19650

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