Axcite modules

March 2023 release plan

What's new in Axcite's modules?

March 2023

This March 2023 release plan introduces new notable features to some of the Axcite modules and contains minor quality and performance updates.

Prerelase features and quality updates may be modified before release.


This release is built on Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 10.0.28 and tested on 10.0.28, 10.0.29, 10.0.30 and 10.0.31

Released: March 1

New features

This March 2023 release introduces new and exciting functionality.


Axcite Product Lifecycle Management

Company specific system unit

Company specific system unit in APLM enables the possibility to synchronize some physical product data across companies from an Engineering company when using engineering change management.  

ID: 23509

Axcite Procurement

#1 Product dimension: replacement item

It is now possible to forecast on a version of product based on the previous version.

ID: 20543

#2 Create voyage from ASN import

This feature makes it easier to create and maintain overseas procurement.

ID: 20379

Axcite Invoice Workflow

Allocation of voyage cost in approval journal

Allocation of voyage cost in approval journal will be saved making it possible for the approver to allocate cost to a voyage. After approval the finance department are able to post the invoice and the cost will be allocated to the voyage.

ID: 22400


Any actions required?

Please attend to the Release Update Guide sent to you in an e-mail, to see if any actions is required when updating to this version. 

Quality updates

Axcite Sales

ID: 21711

ID: 22218

Axcite EDI

Sales price is not set correctly on configured items during conversion to sales order.

ID: 23516

Axcite Procurement

ID: 22204

Added support for planning optimization.

ID: 23460

The split lines button on the purchase orders form is now only enabled on lines that have the status 'Open order'. The split functionality would only work on lines with the status 'Open order'.

ID: 23439

Line number of the line that produces a warning will now be displayed. Lines with empty numberfields (non compulsory) will no longer display an error when imported. 

ID: 23570

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