Axcite modules

February 2021 release plan

What's new in Axcite's modules?

February 2021

This Febraury 2021 release plan introduces new notable features to some of the Axcite modules and contains minor quality and performance updates. 


This release is built on Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 10.0.13 and tested on 10.0.16.

Released: 26 February 2021

New features

This February 2021 release introduces new and exciting functionality to selected Axcite modules.


Axcite Transportation Management

#1 Consignor dropzone

We have added a new functionality in Axcite Transportation Management which allows use of the Consignor dropzone functionality to print labels. It is now possible to set up the map of cloud printers through the Consignor Dropzone program.

ID: 18197

Axcite Business Intelligence

#1 Extra data entities added for WHS insights

We have added extra data entities for exporting data to the data warehouse. The data makes it possible to create powerfull Power BI insights for the operationel performance in the warehouse, e.g:

1) Quantity left to load on

  • Transfer order lines
  • Purchase order lines
  • Sales order lines

2) Information about shipments (warehouse management shipments)

  • Shipment status
  • Warehouse
  • Work type
  • Customer name
  • Delivery country

3) Which replenishment work tasks to prioritise

If a sales or production order relies on a finished replenishment, these tasks can be shown to give a clear overview of which replenishment work tasks to be prioritised for the day.

4) Extra information about created work quantity, carrier code and volume on loads

ID: 19797

Any actions requried?

Please attend to the Release Update Guide sent to you in a e-mail to see if any actions is required when updating to this version. 

Quality updates

Axcite Procurement

We have added fields to the entities VendVendorV2Entity and PurchasePriceAgreementEntity, which can be use through Excel plugin and with data migration. 

ID: 19136

We have added a new functionality that makes it possible to split purchase order lines.

ID: 17999

Axcite Transportation Management

A validation is created when switching 'Mode-of-Shipment', if the newly chozen mode is compatible with the created pallet lines. The shipment can not be submitted if it is not compatible.

ID: 19392

There were some data inconsistency if pallet lines where created before the choice of mode-of-shipment. This has been fixed so the dimensions of the container type always is initiated.

ID: 20098

Menu item of the module is changed from Axcite Consignor Integration to Axcite Transportation Management.

ID: 20131

Axcite EDI

Enable support for conversion on external item ID and EAN barcode for incomming documents, when the resulting item ID is defined by product dimensions.

ID: 19874

Axcite Invoice Workflow

New security role for the service account handling the import of invoices into Dynamics 365.

ID: 19959

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