Axcite modules

April 2024 release plan

What's new in Axcite's modules?

April 2024

This April 2024 release plan introduces new notable features to some of the Axcite modules and contains minor quality and performance updates.

Prerelase features and quality updates may be modified before release.


This release is built on Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 10.0.37 and tested on 10.0.30, 10.0.37, 10.0.38 and 10.0.39.

Released: April 30th

New features

This April 2024 release introduces new and exciting functionality.

Axcite Warehouse Management

#WMSHE outbound business event

Business event for WMS outbound queue was created to support more integration scenarios.

ID: 26163

#Outbound/EventisSend issue

Fixed an issues where outbound queue was not showing correct status.

ID: 26188

#Business event contract issue

Fixed business event not showing correct contract schema.

ID: 26226

#Business event contract issue

Based on checkmark on workclass, auto complete of put transactions should be possible. 

ID: 26046

Axcite EDI

#Inbound file processor document attach issue

Fixed an issue trying to attach a file even if import has failed. 

ID: 26298

#Outbound File Processing leveraging Business Event framework

Outbound file processor remake using business event framework. 

ID: 26173

#UI changes

UI changes supporting new integration framework utilizing Business Events. 

ID: 26222

#BizBrains Outbound FileCreator specialization

BEDIBizBrainsOutboundFileCreator is specialized into specific "DocumentStatus".

ID: 25844

#BizBrains Azure integration

The integration flow has been moved to Azure integration services.

ID: 26309

#Remove BizBrains setup from D365FO

As BizBrains integration has been moved to Azure integration services, there is no need for BizBrains settings in D365FO.

D: 26310

#Remove SOAP related functionality

Removing old Soap integration related elements.

ID: 26311

#Move Bizbrains integrations to Azure

BizBrains integration is moved out of D365FO and into Azure to support more flexibility and resilience.

ID: 26172

Axcite Invoice Workflow

#Accrual Journal - Cost invoices

Accrual posting of not approved cost invoices. New function for month end closing. Transfer all not approved cost invoices including ledger posting to a ledger journal, post on last day of month and reverse first day in next month. 

ID: 23415

Axcite Sales

#Blockings with expected receipts

Only inventory blockings with expected receipts within ATP time fence is added as receipts in the ATP calculation. 

ID: 26204

Axcite Procurement

#Display field in net requirements or tick field on planned orders

New tickmark field "Required earlier" on planned order to indicate if the delivery date is after the requested date on the referenced pegging. 

Additional calculated difference in requested & required date in net requirements plan. 

ID: 18060

#Axcite Demand Forecasting - support for both Product Management Extension and Axcite Product Management

Solution to support statistics fields in Axcite Demand Forecasting depending on Configuration setup (Axcite Product Management Extension or Axcite Product Management). 

ID: 23582

#The shipping calender does not work when running an entire master plan with planning optimization

ID: 23842

#Axcite Demand Forecasting - support for both Product Management Extension and Axcite Product Management

Postponement days on purchase order lines are coming from the planned purchase order. Postponement says indicates the days the planned order are postponed due to the shipping calendar. The field on the purchase order line are changed to only be a information field, with no functionality behind. When updating the confirmed ship date or delivery date on a purchase order line, the field is no longer a part of the calculation of dates. The dates notified by suppliers are used directly.  

ID: 26093

Axcite Product Lifecycle Management

#Stopped for new - Insert line on Purch/sale Agreement doesn't block

When "stopped for new" was set on purchase & sales, it didn't block the user from adding new lines with the item on purchase agreements & sales agreements. This feature has now been fixed. 

D: 26200

#Product readiness policy - Latest cost price - validerer ikke korrekt på feltet

The product readiness check on "latest cost price" didn't validate on the checkmark field under manage cost on the released product, it does now.

ID: 26201

#Product readiness policy - Latest cost price - validerer ikke korrekt på feltet

When creating and releasing new products APM now automatically runs all readiness checks.

ID: 26202

Axcite Foundation

#File stage execution logger batch issue

Fixed at logging issue when executing staged files in batch.

ID: 26295

#Stage files correlation id

Correlation id field added to file stage table to be able to have more tracking possibilities.

ID: 26307

#Privileges for file stage

View and Maintain privileges created for Staged files.

ID: 26166

#Stage file service enhancements

Improvements of file staging service. 

ID: 26168

#File staging must be global

File stage table made global. 

ID: 26066

Any actions required?

Please attend to the Release Update Guide sent to you in an e-mail, to see if any actions is required when updating to this version. 

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